Straame Zero Gravity Chair in front of a house. Black reclining garden chair

This summer is all about relax and comfort

Summer. What does summer mean to you? Summer means longer, warmer days, more daylight hours and outdoor gatherings with your friends and family. Summer also means relax, chill hours doing nothing, lounging in the sun with ergonomic and comfortable chairs. No more spending sunny afternoons in your garden with uncomfortable plastic chairs where your back hurts no long after you sit. Here is where the ground-breaking concept of Zero Gravity Chair comes in. They have earned their place as the best garden furniture for a reason: their comfort and versatility have made these chairs popular throughout the world. 

 But what is a Gravity Chair? The concept behind Zero Gravity Chairs is based on the neutral body posture. Their reclining system allows your body to rest in a natural position in which your body weight is evenly distributed. Did you know the firsts Gravity Chairs were developed and specially designed for astronauts? Due to the amount of time they had to spend sitting down, they needed a comfortable chair to take pressure off their bodies.

Nowadays, these types of reclining chairs have evolved and improved to meet the needs of the market. Their benefits remain the same; they are designed to reduce pressure in your joints and back and give you that so-called weightless feeling. The zero-gravity chair is the garden lounger you need in your life. It's the summer investment you'll never regret.

Which Straame Gravity Chair set is best for you?

Straame gravity chairs are made of a rust-resistant powder-coated steel frame and a breathable Textilene fabric. It allows you to recline almost horizontal (up to 170°), relieving muscle tension. For added comfort, all our chairs feature a removable headrest and ergonomic armrest, which combined do the magic: offering a floating sensation and the ultimate comfort you were looking for this summer. Additionally, all our models feature a useful detachable and multi-use tray. Whether you are looking for a Classic Zero Gravity Chair for your summer naps in your backyard or a set to incorporate into your camping equipment… Straame got you! We have compiled all the essentials factors about our Gravity Chair sets just for you. Now you can choose the right model for you and your needs: Classic, 3PCS with table or sunshade… which is your choice?

The Classic Model.

 The classic, the original. A high-quality set of 2 Zero Gravity Chairs ideal for anyone looking to spend a long time under the sun. Its convenient detachable tray with two cup holders means you don't need anything else to relax and enjoy the outdoors. The reclining function locks at 170° so you can snooze in experiencing how your muscles relax from the minute your lay back. How does it work? Easy! Press backwards with your head while pushing down with your feet; within seconds, you will be defying gravity.

The Sunshade Model.

 We can all agree that Gravity Chairs are an excellent option for tanning, but sometimes you just want to lay out without having the sun directly in your face the entire time. Lucky for you, Straame Gravity Chair set comes with a built-in canopy to block the sun. Depending on your needs, the adjustable sunshade can be moved to any angle. This twin pack is the perfect set for chill out by the pool or to bring to your beach day.

The canopy will keep harmful UV rays off your face allowing you to still enjoy the sun while working on your tan or spending time reading without your eyes being hurt by the sun.

The Table Model

 Are you planning a summer getaway with your camping tent? This set of two Gravity Chairs with a matching table is the one for you! It has everything you may need to enjoy a meal outdoors. The table, like the chairs, is foldable and easy to transport. It has enough space for all your favourite snacks plus two cup holders, which, together with the tray, is very convenient for your water bottle, cup of coffee and any other drink.

The set won't take much space in your boot; it is the set you were missing for your car rides this summer.

Our Zero Gravity Chairs are made with durable weather-resistant Textilene fabric, which is breathable and easy on your skin, and will keep you cool in the summer heat. Straame provides sturdy and secure gravity chairs tested to hold up to 150kg.

When it comes to lounging, nothing beats resting while relieving muscle tension. Straame gravity chairs are designed to hold your head and legs fully. The adjustable headrest pillow will make you feel comfortable and have neck support no matter your height.  Smoothly lay back and lock your position with the knob mechanism. An easy transition from upright to reclining; Straame gravity chair will guarantee hours of comfort.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does my Gravity Chair require any assembly? 
No. All you have to do is add the pillow and attach the tray. They are ready to use!

Can Straame Gravity Chair lay flat?
No, gravity chairs do not recline fully horizontal.

Which are the Straame Gravity Chair features? What are the chairs dimensions?
All our Gravity Chair Sets are available in six different colours (black, green, grey, navy, burgundy and brown) and features the same accessories: detachable tray and a removable headrest pillow.

The chair dimensions are 110x90x65cm (upright) / 79x160x65cm (reclining) and 94x12x65cm (folded). The dimensions of the overhead canopy are 52x40cm. The table dimensions are 50x50x50 and 67x50x8cm when folded.

What is the maximum weight capacity of my Straame zero gravity chair?Straame gravity chairs are tested to hold up to 150kg weight capacity. Exceeding that weight capacity could damage the chair.