Rattan Sunlounger outdoor furniture with adjustable backrest

Ready for the good weather? As the long-awaited sun is coming -even if it should already be here!- you will be able to enjoy all the delights gardens and terraces have to offer. Outdoor spaces are ideal for relaxing after a long day's work or spending the day sunbathing with friends.

To enjoy these evenings in the comfort of your own home, Straame has a range of sun loungers specially designed to bring comfort, quality, style and design into your life. We manufacture all our furniture in top quality materials, with fabrics specially prepared to withstand the rain or the continued sun exposure.

Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Rattan is the world most popular material for outdoor furniture. It is a versatile material that brings elegance and comfort to your garden or poolside. Due to its easy maintenance and lightweight, which allows it to be moved with ease, its popularity has steadily grown over the years. The synthetic rattan used for our sunloungers is an exceptionally strong and durable material; it is made to last. It is particularly suitable for outdoor furniture as it is combined with a solid aluminium frame which gives a more natural look and resistance to environmental factors.

Here comes the sun!

Who doesn't like lounging in the sun after a long day? With Straame Rattan Sunloungers you can recline in style and comfort all day long. Thanks to the adjustable backrest, you will never miss a ray of sun.

But… how do you choose the perfect sunlounger? One of the main matters to determine when selecting a sunlounger is the space available for it. Straame rattan sunlounger can stylishly decorate your garden, poolside or patio for reading, sunbathing or spending time with your family. Our Rattan Sunbeds are versatile and functional.

Luxury and comfort? Yes, it is possible.  Straame introduces you to three different premium sunbeds that will meet your high standards and ensure your relaxation time. Named after three seaside cities where the sun, relax and holiday mood are a daily presence. We may be still in the UK, but… we can dream, right? Close your eyes and fly to Alicante, Capri and Barcelona.

Rattan Sunlounger: Alicante Design

Sun worshipers, this one is for you. With a sophisticated design, you can enjoy the sun and some me-time in your backyard. The extra thick cushion will make your summer naps extra comfortable. What could it be better after a delicious paella than laying down in your Alicante sunbed? The classic design is a perfect match for your garden, and thanks to the adjustable backrest, you will always find the ideal angle to enjoy the sun on warmer days.

  • Assembly needed
  • 192cm x 64cm x 30cm


Rattan Sunlounger: Barcelona Design

Who hasn't dreamed of visiting Barcelona and getting lost in its streets? Or lying on the Barceloneta beach after a day of sightseeing? We can't offer you the city, but we can provide you with its comfort, style and mobility in the shape of a sunbed. Choose the sunny spot in your garden and adjust the backrest to feel like a never-ending holiday.

The heavy-duty structure is easy to move once assembled thanks to the two built-in wheels and its light material. Focus on having a good time enjoying the sun with Straame rattan sunlounger.

  • Assembly needed
  • 200cm x 73cm x 56cm


Rattan Sunlounger: Capri Design

The multi-position rattan sunlounger, named after the Italian island and natural paradise, Capri, is the most luxurious sunlounger from our catalogue. A new level of comfort, the adjustable backrest can be positioned in four different angles; choose yours and relax.

With a smooth design and no sharp ends, it is the perfect outdoor furniture to create an elegant sport on your patio. Lay down and unwind any time of the year. This sunbed comes fully assembled so, look out when receiving the delivery.

  • No assembly
  • 197cm x 64cm x 32cm