Straame 5 Tier Shoe Rack Stand Storage Organiser, Sturdy and Easy to Assemble

Color: Black
Sale price£16.99


Robust and easy to assemble stylish shoe rack organiser. Practical shoe stands perfect to use in communal areas where multiple pairs of shoes need to be stored.

Whether you are a fan of organisation and need everything to be always in its place or if you are tired of seeing all your shoes scattered around the hallways and tripping over them; you are facing the perfect solution! Your life screams for a shoe racks storage.

In a neutral and classic colour, it will match your house no matter where you place it. Suitable for all the corners, it is easy to carry once assembled thanks to its lightweight. Whether it is in the basement, dressing room or attic; it will maximise the space. Having 5 tiers, the shoe storage is vertical, which doesn't take much space in a narrow room. Not easily deformed, it can also be used to store blankets, towels, boxes or clothes.

  • 5 TIER SHOES RACK: This smartly finished shoe rack is enough to store up to 20 pair of shoes thanks to its 5 tiers to maximize your room space. By being open, it will keep your shoes ventilated and on perfect display if you have a big shoe collection and like to show off in front of your friends and family. 

  • STRONG AND STURDY DESIGN: Made of high-quality material, this shoe rack is built to last. Quick and easy installation without any tool required. Attach the plastic connectors within the metal pipes. A simple home assembly that can be turned into a fun DIY to involve the youngest ones. Easy to clean, it can be wiped directly with a damp cloth, it won't be corroded with regular use. 

  • SPACE SAVING: A much-needed help for a large family or shoe-lover to keep the floor space tidy. Once assembled, it can be carried and used in different places such as homes, whether is the entryway or in one’s room, garages and even workspaces where taking the shoes off is mandatory. 

  • VERSATILE SHOE RACKS STORAGE:  If you only fill 2 levels with shoes, reinvent the organization of your room. Place small, lightweight boxes with your belongings to easily reach when you are in a rush. 

  • STORAGE UNIT SOLUTIONS: Lightweight yet highly resistant shoe storage. A functional organizer for your shoes while being elegant and looking stylish in your home. A convenient and straightforward solution to reduce shoe clutter in your wardrobe.

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